Security Guard Services Guide

Security Guard Services GuideSecurity Guard Services GuideSecurity Guard Services Guide

Private security guards have become increasingly important in our society, and the security industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Security guards protect their employer's investment, enforce rules and laws on the property, deter criminal activity or other problems, and many times they are the First Responders in emergency situations.

There are three things to consider when hiring security guards: 1) what needs to be protected, 2) what level of protection is desired, and 3) who is going to do the protecting.

1) The first step is to determine what needs to be protected and what the guard's responsibilities will include. Security guards can be posted at stationary locations to control entrances and check people entering and leaving the property, control crowds, give directions, accept packages, and discourage misbehavior. Guards also patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activity.

2) Security guards can be armed or unarmed, in uniform or plain clothes, posted on the property or thousands of miles away viewing video cameras that are part of an interactive system. What is the level of security needed and what is the budget required to achieve that level?

3) When it comes to hiring security guards, it doesn't matter whether the guards are employed by an agency or hired directly by the end user; interviewing is essential in order to find the right person for the position. The advantage of using a security guard service is that the company is bonded, background checks have already been made, a certain amount of training has been completed, and the guard can be terminated easily since he works for the agency. The advantage to directly hiring the security guard is greater control over hours, appearance, behavior and in many cases, lower overall costs.

Below is an index of pages which will help in the process of defining what level of security is needed and finding the right person for the job.

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